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Emergency Planning: Are You Ready?

Do you know how to respond if disaster strikes where you live or where you work? If your family is in different locations when the disaster strikes, do you have a plan that shows how you will contact each other and how you can reunite at a safe location? If your business is directly impacted by a disaster, do you have a plan to re-establish business operations at another location? How will you inform your employees of the new operations, procedures and processes?

If you haven’t thought about the answers to these questions, take action now by making an emergency plan. Not only will your emergency plan answer these questions, but it will be a critical tool that empowers and guides you, your family, and/or your business in a crisis. was developed to assist residents and business owners in the Northern Virginia metropolitan area in developing a Family Emergency Plan or a Business Emergency Plan and follows basic and accepted emergency management practices. Both the Family Emergency Planner and the Business Emergency Planner provide an easy to use tool in developing your emergency plan.

To begin making your emergency planner, click on either the Family Emergency Planner or the Business Emergency Planner and follow the instructions.

Mobile Preparedness Planners

iOS and Android Apps are also available so that you have access to your emergency planners at all times! Download the iOS version in the iTunes App store or the Android version from Google Play.

Your PRIVACY is important! We do not save your personal or business information that you enter into either planner. As you go through each section of the emergency planner, be sure to save the file to your personal computer or mobile device, as well as to a back-up device or location. If you need to make changes, you will need to upload your file to this website.

This website and the preparedness planners were developed with an Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) award of the Northern Virginia Emergency Response System (NVERS), with project oversight provided by Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management on behalf of Northern Virginia emergency management organizations and partners.

This website and both preparedness planners were prepared under a grant from FEMA's Grant Programs Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Points of view or opinions expressed in this document are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of FEMA's Grant Programs Directorate or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.